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April 26 (Saturday) - Workshop / Training
Good Guys Seattle: Organizing for Non-Organizers in the Era of Trump
Good Guys is a training about organizing for non-organizers. Our mission is to give individuals the tools they need to be as effective as possible in this political moment. No previous experience is necessary! We're invested in being as accessible as possible!  more...

Posted on 4/20/2017 10:05:41 PM

May 6 (Tuesday) - Music / Entertainment
Cinco de Mayo Celebration 2017
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at El Centro de la Raza! Join El Centro de la Raza for our 12th annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration! Cinco de Mayo is a chance to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. El Centro de la Raza will also be celebrating the new outdoor stage in the South Entrance with a ribbon cutting ceremony!  more...

Posted on 4/20/2017 11:32:31 AM

April 19 (Saturday) - Workshop / Training
Homelessness Advocacy 101: Federal Edition
We'll give you tools to advocate for policy change. The focus will be on advocacy at the Federal level, specifically around the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budget. We will also have some updates and actions to take for the state legislative session in Olympia.  more...

Posted on 4/11/2017 3:35:29 PM

May 1 (Thursday) - Workshop / Training
Be the Start of Something
JustusDawning is designed to provide concise and structured consulting services for your community based organizing and activism. The owner, Justin Rodriguez, brings 8+ years of organizing experience in policy, alternative systems building, protests, and sustainable movements to your organization.  more...

Posted on 4/5/2017 3:34:13 PM

April 13 (Sunday) - Film / Video
Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies: EAST OF SALINAS

Posted on 4/5/2017 12:42:00 PM

March 18 (Tuesday) - Panel / Forum
conference: Heritage of Colonialism in the Arabian Peninsula conference: Heritage of Colonialism in the Arabian Peninsula date: Saturday, March 18, 2017 time: 2:00 pm (doors open at 1:30) place: U.W. Kane Hall 120 (4069 Spokane Lane, Seattle)  more...

Posted on 3/12/2017 12:09:58 AM

April 21 (Monday) - Workshop / Training
Living Nonviolence: A Workshop of Philosophy and Practice
Nonviolence is not a passive approach to ducking and covering in times of difficulty. Not at all. Rather, nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people, requiring practiced discipline, and when lived out can send a powerful message of love and justice even when met with anger, prejudice, and hate. It has changed the world before and it can do so again. Come join the 2016 recipient of the Gandhi International Humanitarian Award Bernard Lafayette Jr., as he teaches the power and techniques of Kingian nonviolence.  more...

Posted on 3/9/2017 9:32:29 AM

April 5 (Saturday) - Lecture / Talk
Civic Cocktail, April 5th: Regional Growth
John Schoettler, Amazon?s Director of Global Real Estate and Facilities, joins Civic Cocktail to discuss our region?s rapid growth.  more...

Posted on 3/6/2017 9:34:50 AM

April 27 (Sunday) - Other
Dining Out for Life 2017
Dine out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in one of our participating restaurants and a percentage of your check will be donated to PCAF (Pierce County AIDS Foundation). PCAF is a local, nonprofit organization that serves people affected by HIV.  more...

Posted on 2/27/2017 12:05:46 PM

March 15 (Saturday) - Meeting
Find Your Lane
Meet representatives of organizations working across the full spectrum of social and political resistance issues and learn how you can help. We are emphasizing matchmaking for unique skills: are you a graphic designer? A lawyer? A software engineer? Experienced at grant writing? Many organizations have specific needs. You have specific skills.  more...

Posted on 2/24/2017 12:33:49 PM

no date () - Protest / Demonstration
Trump Welcome Party
The Trump sons will be attending the grand opening of this property in Vancouver, British Columbia. Join us for a friendly welcoming protest against bigotry, misogyny, etc, etc, etc...  more...

Posted on 2/19/2017 3:46:25 PM

February 12 (Wednesday) - Protest / Demonstration
Protest Wells fargo supporting pipe  more...

Posted on 2/10/2017 5:20:03 PM

February 11 (Tuesday) - Protest / Demonstration
LBGTQ Ralley
Multi group protest agains Trumps discriminating regime  more...

Posted on 2/10/2017 5:17:52 PM

February 10 (Monday) - Film / Video
Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies: Following the Ninth, In the Footsteps of Beethovens Last Symphony
Following the Ninth explores the meaning, mystery and global impact of on of the world's greatest works of art--Beethoven's hymn to human connection across all borders--the glorious 9th Symphony  more...

Posted on 1/31/2017 7:47:57 PM

January 20 (Monday) - Protest / Demonstration
Greater Seattle School Walkout to protest Donald Trump's Inauguration
Students from Shorecrest, Shorewood, and Ingraham high schools (and possibly others) are organizing a walk out protest on Inauguration Day, where students from each school will walk out of class at noon and walk to the designated meeting point (the Northwest corner of 155th and Aurora). We are doing this because we feel that Donald Trump's blatant racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, and his alarmingly casual attitude towards the use of nuclear weapons, are all grave threats to the American way of life, and the safety of both this country and others.  more...

Posted on 1/18/2017 5:54:20 PM

February 11 (Tuesday) - Protest / Demonstration
One Billion Rising Seattle
Seattle RISING! Flash Mob One Billion Rising is a global movement and the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history. THIS YEAR WE ARE RISING IN SOLIDARITY AGAINST THE EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN.  more...

Posted on 1/15/2017 2:29:50 PM

January 13 (Monday) - Film / Video
Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY, The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs
Documentary tracing the life and activism of Grace Lee Boggs, primarily in Chicago. Entertaining and inspiring example of life-long activism.  more...

Posted on 1/5/2017 1:15:54 PM

January 21 (Tuesday) - Other
Pussy Grabs Back 5k
Fight back and pay just 15$ to run this 5k around gorgeous Greenlake Park. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood (in Mike Pence's name). Get out, have fun, and win fabulous raffle prizes from Babeland.  more...

Posted on 12/6/2016 10:03:19 PM

November 25 (Tuesday) - Protest / Demonstration
Black Lives Matter Not Black Friday 2016
Black Lives Matter Black Friday doesn't. This is a family friendly public demonstration to display our view on these pressing issues.  more...

Posted on 11/24/2016 12:05:02 PM

no date () - Other
Please take action!
Feels good to reach out. Here are some ideas.  more...

December 1 (Monday) - Film / Video
FREE MOVIE - "WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY?" presented by Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies
"Seriously Hilarious!" Variety. Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping take us on a cross- country trip to expose the consumer excesses of Christmas!  more...

Posted on 11/19/2016 12:20:45 AM

November 26 (Wednesday) - Meeting
Take Back the Power Planning Meeting
Take Back the Power planning meeting for inauguration day social justice march and concert.  more...

Posted on 11/9/2016 2:07:35 PM

December 1 (Monday) - Other
World AIDS Day
Remember. Hope. Act. Thursday, December 1 is World AIDS Day. This is an opportunity to come together to remember those who've died and explore ways we can work to end AIDS once and for all.  more...

Posted on 11/8/2016 11:22:42 AM

November 18 (Tuesday) - Film / Video
Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies NUCLEAR LANDS
free movie, free popcorn! Community screening of film on nuclear issues in the US, France, and Japan. Discussion circle follows film. Special Guest Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge (  more...

Posted on 10/29/2016 12:03:01 PM

October 22 (Wednesday) - Film / Video
Greg Palast in Person: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Investigative journalist Greg Palast's latest investigation is now a feature length documentary. Greg Palast will be at the Ark Lodge this Saturday 10/22 to do Q&As after the 4 and 7pm showings!  more...

Posted on 10/20/2016 10:37:50 AM


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