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November 9 (Wednesday) - Panel / Forum
Seattle Human Rights Investigators Report on Current Situation of State Terror in the Philippines
Eight individuals from a multi-ethnic delegation recently returned home to Seattle from the International Solidarity Mission (ISM) in the Philippines. We invite concerned individuals in the Seattle and East Side communities to attend our report back to learn about a reality far different from our own and its intricate links to our existence in the U.S.  more...

November 9 (Wednesday) - Lecture / Talk
Ron Sakolsky
Activist, anarchist and author Ron Sakolsky presents excerpts from his latest work Creating Anarchy, and discusses creative living at the intersection of radical art and revolutionary radio. With special guests Seattle filmmakers Jeff Pearson and Mary Jones, directors of the forthcoming documentary Pirate Radio USA.  more...

November 9 (Wednesday) - Film / Video
The Oil Factor
THE OIL FACTOR looks at today dwindling oil reserves and sky-rocketing consumption. It then questions the "coincidence" of focusing the so-called U.S. "War-on-terror" in the Middle-East and Central Asia where almost 3/4 of the world oil and natural gas left is located.  more...

November 5 (Saturday) - Panel / Forum
Uprooted: A Community Forum on Immigration & Globalization
How U.S. policies, such as NAFTA and CAFTA, force people to become immigrants, and what we can do to support immigrants' rights. The forum will include personal testimony from immigrants, small group discussion, action planning, and a free lunch.  more...

November 5 (Saturday) - Film / Video
Talk and Documentary by Argentinean "Dirty War" torture victim
Come and meet Patricia Issasa, Argentineal "Dirty War" torture victim and survivor, whose story has recently been made into a television documentary film in Argentina. An informal talk will then follow the documentary screening.  more...

November 4 (Friday) - Other
Stephen Lewis, Special Envoy to Africa on AIDS Speaks in Seattle
RESULTS invites you to hear a many generally considered to be one of the greatest speakers in the world, Stephen Lewis. Mr. Lewis has lived in Africa, and is well acquainted with AIDS Orphans, children as heads of households, and their consequences. He is a powerful and inspiring speaker.  more...

November 4 (Friday) - Film / Video
Friday Night At The Meaningful Movies: “Senorita Extraviada” (“Missing Young Woman”)
Film: Senorita Extraviada (Missing Young Woman) (74 min, 2001, Lourdes Portillo) "Señorita Extraviada" documents a two-year search for the truth in the underbelly of the new global economy. In the midst of Juárez's international mystique and high profile job market, there exists a murky history of grossly underreported human rights abuses and violence against women. This is the haunting story of the more than 350 kidnapped, raped and murdered young women of Juárez, Mexico. The climate of violence and impunity continues to grow, and the murders of women continue to this day. Visually poetic, yet unflinching in its gaze, this compelling investigation unravels the layers of complicity that have allowed for the brutal murders of women living along the Mexico-U.S. border. In "Señorita Extraviada" Portillo relies on what is seen as the most reliable of sources – the testimonies of the families of the victims. Part of the Women of Juarez Campaign, Presentation, followed by facilitated discussion. FREE - donations kindly accepted.  more...

November 3 (Thursday) - Protest / Demonstration
Forest Day of Action
Greenpeace Forest Ethics and Seattle Rainforest Action are teaming up with groups around the nation to expose corporate forest violation. This is a national day of action to show lack of environmental ethics in the Kimberly Clark, Boise Cascade, Weyerhaeuser, and Victoria Secret companies. Learn more.  more...

November 2 (Wednesday) - Film / Video
Propaganda and the Promised Land: Arab film screenings
Reclaim the Media and Arab Film Distribution present two films exploring anti-Arab sentiments in American establishment media, and how the Israeli-Palestine conflict has been framed there. At 7pm: Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land, followed at 9pm by TV's Promised Land. Each film introduced by Arab Film Distribution's John Sinno; films screen separately or as a double feature.  more...

November 2 (Wednesday) - Protest / Demonstration
The World Can't Wait! Drive out the Bush Regime!
The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime! Mobilize for November 2, 2005  more...

November 2 (Wednesday) - Lecture / Talk
Rahul Mahajan, “unembedded” independent Iraq journalist
Rahul Mahajan, “unembedded” independent Iraq journalist, speaks. Mahajan has been to Iraq twice and reported from Fallujah during the U.S. siege in April 2004. Radio commentator, Ph.D. – Texas, author of Full Spectrum Dominance and The New Crusade: America's War on Terrorism. Published widely, including in USA Today, Newsday, the Baltimore Sun, the Times of India, and the Jordan Times. Green Party candidate forTexas Governor. $15 Benefit for Youth Against War and Racism. Info Liz@teenpeace.org or 206-526-7185  more...

October 28 (Friday) - Film / Video
FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MEANINGFUL MOVIES: “Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage”: Film & Presentation w/ Filmmaker & Author, Heather Rogers
Film: Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage with author and filmmaker, Heather Rogers (20 min, 2005) The United States is the world capital of garbage. With just 5% of the planet's population, America generates 30% of the its trash. Gone Tomorrow contemplates why we have so much waste in the first place. It examines waste disposal from a much broader perspective than the simplistic mantra reduce, reuse, recycle.  more...

October 26 (Wednesday) - Film / Video
The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror
Narrated by a stoic Ed Asner, the movie is a crash course in modern Middle East–U.S. politics, from Iran's 1979 revolution to the present. analyzes a part of it that most of us know or have long suspected: diminishing oil reserves and the geo-political cooperation needed for its delivery. How big a propulsive force was this in fueling the administration's precipitous motivations? -- examines the links to the oil industry.  more...

October 23 (Sunday) - Panel / Forum
It is in response to the increasing concern regarding recruitment of our young people into a culture of war, our coalition of groups dedicated to peace and justice is planning a meeting of parents, students, teachers, and interested community members that will focus on militarism in the schools. Keynote speakers Dr. Jeffrey, pastor of New Hope Baptist Church and Nina Laboy, Associate Regional Director of AFSC will highlight and give context to the overall issues of counter-recruitment as well as economic and moral alternatives to the military..  more...

October 22 (Saturday) - Protest / Demonstration
10th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation
The National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation aims to "expose and oppose" the epidemic of police brutality. The book "Stolen Lives: killed by law enforcement" documents over 2,000 (out of our estimate of 8-10,000) cases of people killed by police, jail guards, etc. in the U.S. during the 1990s (see http://www.stolenlives.org for details).  more...

October 22 (Saturday) - Protest / Demonstration
Boise Boycott: Save Old-Growth Forests
Boycott the Boise Cascade Logging Company: 2 years ago, Boise promised environmentalists not to log old-growth forests, and placed the agreement on their website. Now, they're going back on their agreement, and we need you to stand in solidarity with groups in Olympia, Bellingham, Boise, Portland, and San Francisco as we yell, "Boise, Keep Your Promise!"  more...

October 21 (Friday) - Film / Video
Friday Night At The Meaningful Movies: “The Empty Chair: Death Penalty - YES or NO?”
Film: The Empty Chair: Death Penalty Yes or No? (42 min, Jacqui Lofaro and Victor Teich, 2005) This documentary tells four stories of murder victims' families reliving the crimes and confronting the loss of loved ones. Their instinct for revenge during trial and the debate for punishment by death climaxes in a search to forgive and heal.  more...

October 19 (Wednesday) - Lecture / Talk
Sweatshops and the Global Economy—Where Are Your Tax Dollars Going?
Come listen to nationally-renowned speakers Chie Abad and Valerie Orth discuss the social injustice of globalization and sweatshop labor. Learn how we can stop Seattle from purchasing clothing produced in sweatshop factories.  more...

October 14 (Friday) - Film / Video
Military Myths: Promises vs. Reality
"Military Myths" and "GI Lies", two short films providing a critical look at the military's promises of travel, money for education and job training illustrate how media representations of war and military life compare to the reality of war as described by veterans who have actually been there.  more...

October 12 (Wednesday) - Film / Video
PepperSpray Productions Screens "The Leader #13"
PepperSpray Productions announces the premiere screening of "The Leader #13," a compilation of short, independent political documentaries. WHEN: Wednesday, October 12, 7:00, and 9:15 pm. WHERE: Central Cinema, 1411 21st Ave, at Union and 21st in the Central District $5 at the door.  more...

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