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June 2 (Monday) - Protest / Demonstration
Shut Down The LEIU Spokescouncil
A Spokescouncil has been called to disrupt the LEIU Conference, and it's corporate Sponsors for June 2nd - 6th  more...

June 2 (Monday) - Film / Video
Film: "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"
Suspicious patterns of irregularities, injustices, mostly black voter election day purges of mostly black voters, and events leading up to the 2000 election are examined in this eye-opening documentary about the battle in Florida for the US Presidency.  more...

June 1 (Sunday) - Music / Entertainment
Concert/Teach-In: LEIU and the New Surveillance Society
Big Brother Comes to Town: LEIU and the New Surveillance Society Concert/Teach-In Speakers:Sheila O'Donnel, Private Investigator and has written about the LEIULarry Gosset, King County Councilmember Music and Poetry:Jim Page, Mother Zosima, Santiago, Isangmahal Arts Kollective  more...

May 31 (Saturday) - Panel / Forum
Mobilizing for a Successful Fight Against Global HIV/AIDS: A Community Forum
The global HIV/AIDS crisis has emerged as the greatest public health and development challenge in all of history. An estimated 40 million people are living with this devastating disease. PSGAA Coalition will be sponsoring a half-day forum at the Seattle Center.  more...

May 31 (Saturday) - Workshop / Training
The War Against People of Color Teach-in
With speakers and workshops. This is the kick off event for a week of protests against the LEIU (Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit) conference being held in Seattle.  more...

May 28 (Wednesday) - Conference
WAR on the WORLD: TEACH-IN at SHORELINE Comm. College
This SCC campus-wide Teach-In about U.S. Imperialism starts at 8:30am, with music performances, then guest speakers, faculty panels, and videos and discussions, until 3:30pm. In the evening, from 7-9pm, there will be a conversation cafe on the FCC and media consolidation. You're invited!  more...

May 25 (Sunday) - Meeting
LEIU Welcoming Committee - Organizational Meetings
Welcoming Committee Organizing Meetings Every Sunday until June 1st, 2003  more...

May 22 (Thursday) - Film / Video
Palestine Film Festival: Jeremy Hardy vs. the Israeli Army
British comedian Jeremy Hardy makes a rash decision to travel to Palestine in March 2002 just before the invasion of Bethlehem and the siege of the Church of Nativity. He joins the International Solidarity Movement's campaign to protect Palestinian farmers against the hostility of settlers but finds himself caught up in the events of the invasion.  more...

May 21 (Wednesday) - Lecture / Talk
Robert Muller: The United Nations at Work: The Power of Ideas and Dreams for Peace and a Better World
Talk by Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Chancellor Emeritus of the University for Peace in Costa Rica.  more...

May 17 (Saturday) - Panel / Forum
Civil Liberties Violated: 1942 and Today - Community Forum
A community forum to hear stories from local Japanese Americans on their experiences during World War II as well as recent accounts from local Arab Americans and Muslim American community members.  more...

May 17 (Saturday) - Protest / Demonstration
Cruise Ship Pollution Protest and Press Conference
Please join us as we rally against polluting cruise ships. We will meet at the new cruise terminal to spread the word about the pollution cruise ships routinely dump in our oceans.  more...

May 16 (Friday) - Film / Video
Film: Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin
Bayard Rustin helped create and shape the civil rights movement; he introduced Martin Luther King to Gandhi's ideas and non-violent protest tactics and changed the course of history;  more...

May 15 (Thursday) - Film / Video
Palestine Film Festival: In Search of Palestine
Examines the painful history of Palestinians, as well as contemporary realities on the ground at the end of the Oslo process, through Edward Saidís reflections on traveling to Israel and Palestine.  more...

May 14 (Wednesday) - Lecture / Talk
The Great Transition to Sustainability: The Promise and the Challenge of the Times Ahead
Robert Kates, Professor Emeritus of Brown University. Dr. Kates will assess our ability to provide a sustainability transition that meets basic needs of the world population and reduces hunger and poverty, while maintaining the planet's life support systems and living resources.  more...

May 13 (Tuesday) - Film / Video
Palestine Film Festival: Palestine Is Still The Issue
John Pilger's powerful documentary film examines the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and its various aspects. This film, a Seattle premiere, is being shown on the opening night of the Palestine Film Festival, and followed by a discussion with Ed Mast.  more...

May 13 (Tuesday) - Lecture / Talk
Jonathan Schell, Author 'Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence and the Will of the People'
Also author of 'Fate of the Earth,' the classic book about nuclear war. His historical journey turns up seeds of nonviolence even in the bloody revolutions of America, France, and Russia, as well as in the peopleís wars of China and Vietnam.  more...

May 11 (Sunday) - Conference
"Continuing the Resistance to Global War and Repression" Anti-War Conference
Topics include: Pax Americana: What's Behind the U.S. War on the World?; War on Iraq: Liberation or Occupation?; Round Ups and Detentions of Immigrants Since 9/11; The USA PATRIOT ACT; and What's the LEIU (Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit) and Why is it Meeting in Seattle?  more...

May 7 (Wednesday) -
The Hidden Faces of AIDS: the Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time
Princess Kasune Zulu, AIDS Advocate from Zambia Dr. Helene Gayle, Senior Advisor on HIV-AIDS, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  more...

May 1 (Thursday) -
4th Annual May Day Rally & March, International Worker's Day
Join WA State Jobs with Justice at the 4th Annual May Day Rally & March; Celebrate INTERNATIONAL WORKERS' DAY by joining us in a national day of protest in defense of labor and human rights, and to demand legalization for all immigrant workers.  more...

May 1 (Thursday) -
Protest Israeli War Crimes & Spokesman
Hayaat, the Palestinian student organization, and a number of other pro-Palestinian and pro-human rights groups and individuals, will be protesting a lecture by Ra'anan Gissin - senior advisor and spokesman for Ariel Sharon.  more...

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