Protest / Demonstration
Greater Seattle School Walkout to protest Donald Trump's Inauguration

January 20 (Monday)12:00
155th and Aurora, Shoreline, WA
Sponsored by
Socialist Students

Students from Shorecrest, Shorewood, and Ingraham high schools (and possibly others) are organizing a walk out protest on Inauguration Day, where students from each school will walk out of class at noon and walk to the designated meeting point (the Northwest corner of 155th and Aurora). We are doing this because we feel that Donald Trump's blatant racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, and his alarmingly casual attitude towards the use of nuclear weapons, are all grave threats to the American way of life, and the safety of both this country and others.

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Students from the involved schools have been discussing and planning a protest on Inauguration Day for months for their respective schools, and have recently come together to organize a larger, more meaningful effort. This is a followup to several previous protests from these schools, mostly around Election Day, that are now unified in their vision toward peaceful protest and social change, as well as giving a voice to young people.

Students will walk out of their respective schools at noon on Inauguration Day and begin marching to the Northwest corner of 155th and Aurora, where the bulk of the protest will be held. There will be chants and signs, and all community members are more than welcome! Be aware that, as reaching the planned location will take a good deal of time for many students, visitors may want to plan to arrive around 1:00PM. Photographs will be allowed, so anyone not interested in being photographed should wear a mask over their face.

Following the march and protest, some of the students attending the protest will then be travelling to the larger Trump protest in Westlake, which all interested are wholeheartedly encouraged to attend as well.

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Raymond Mitchell
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