Protest / Demonstration
15th Annual Christmas DrugWar Vigil at King County Jail

December 25 (Thursday)12 Noon - 1:30PM
King County Jail, 500 5th Ave Seattle, WA
Sponsored by
Seattle Hempfest

This will be our 15th year of peaceful presence at King County Jail to protest the incarceration of otherwise law abiding, responsible Americans for cannabis and other non-violent drug crimes. Any peaceful person is invited, pets must be leashed at all times.

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Seattle, WA ? The cause of cannabis policy reform is generating unprecedented legal victories, legalizing medical marijuana in 23 states (plus Washington DC). Four U.S. states have currently legalized cannabis possession outright, yet tens of thousands of Americans still languish in jails and prisons on non-violent drug charges, the majority of them in for pot ?crimes.?

Since the year 2000, members of Seattle Hempfest and The November Coalition have joined efforts on Christmas Day to hold vigil at the King County Jail to remind everyone that there are still thousands of forgotten Americans unjustly incarcerated under the failed policies of prohibition.

This year the Christmas Vigil introduces The Human Solution International, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advocating for people charged with for cannabis crimes.

Since 1997, the Colville, Washington, based November Coalition has advocated for Americans incarcerated for all non-violent drug crimes and their families.

Billions of dollars have been hemhoragged into prohibitionist policies that have not reduced use or demand. Rather, prohibition has largely created America?s current prison state, with more Americans in jails and prisons per-capita than any other nation in human history.

Our tax dollars pay to arrest and incarcerate people for cannabis while the economy continues to fail. American tax dollars are used to feed, house and provide limited medical treatment in prisons and jails while our public school budgets are cut year after year. Join us to help end cannabis prohibition for good. We demand sound fiscal and social justice policies based upon proven harm reduction strategies
We are cannabis patients, consumers, and advocates. We want our tax dollars used wisely. We stand in solidarity against the unfair treatment of the cannabis culture. America needs to stop penalizing otherwise responsible, non-violent, law abiding citizens with bad laws. That is not justice.

Anyone is invited to participate in this peaceful, orderly action. Participants should dress warmly and remember that all pets must be leashed. Signs and banners are encouraged.

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Vivian McPeak
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